Belgian Warmblood Breeding Association: North American District

If the papers for a horse are lost they may only be replaced once in a horse’s lifetime. Duplicate papers may only be requested by the owner who is recorded with BWP. When duplicate papers are requested there will be an inquiry into how the papers were lost and it is possible that parentage verification is required for the horse in question. When duplicates are requested a fee (listed in the schedule of fees) must be paid. BWP will then conduct an investigation as to whether duplicates will be issued. The fee is not refunded even if there is a negative outcome to their investigation. Great care must be taken not to lose papers because the loss of papers is not taken lightly. This helps insure against fraud within the BWP. For duplicate hair samples with roots (30) for DNA-testing, as well as photos of the horse and a graphical and written description made by a veterinarian are needed. Contact

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