Belgian Warmblood Breeding Association: North American District

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The BWP/NAD sponsors;many events for its members and their horses each year. Individual breed classes may be sponsored at major breed shows. These classes are open to BWP offspring owned by active members.; We also sponsor All Breed Awards in conjunction with the USDF.; The Annual Stallion & Breeding Guide is mailed to all breeding members for free! It’s also an excellent opportunity for our members to advertise their breeding program:

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BWP/NAD Members can participate in the National Foal, Yearling and Two year old futurities held in conjunction with the annual breeding inspection Keuring tour. These are open to BWP registered offspring with prizes to the highest scoring horses in each category as judged by the Belgian Keuring Jury. Over $4,000 in futurity cash prizes are awarded yearly!

BWP/NAD also sponsors;Achievement Awards for performance in;Dressage, Hunter/Jumper competitions and Eventing as well as Breeding Awards for Dressage, Hunter and Future Eventing Horses. The awards are only open to members with BWP horses. The association publishes a free E-NEWSLETTER (click here to sign up). with current information on the association, breed and show results for member horses, birth announcements (of the four legged kind) and BWP sanctioned events. Contact to have your BWP achievements listed in the E-newsletter.

The BWP-NAD can arrange buying trips to Belgium for members as well as breeding consultations with top breeders and stallion judges in Belgium. Our Breeding Members have benefited greatly from these consultations!

The BWP-NAD STORE offers items such as shirts and caps, pads, halters, and trailer decals that carry the popular BWP brand. Contact for more information.