Belgian Warmblood Breeding Association: North American District

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The Select Mare program provides E-label mares with the opportunity to take a performance test instead of completing performance requirements. The mare must still have an approved foal, but radiographs and vet exam are not required. There will be a grace period for mares over 6 who earned their first E-label to participate in the program.

The Select Mare test consists of the following:

  1. Under saddle.  Mares will complete the USEF 4 yr old dressage test (essentially a first level test). 

  2. Free jumping.  Mares will free jump through a jump chute (4 yr old jumping requirements - 110 cm or 3'9") Judges may adjust the height to accommodate the skill level of the mare.

    Scoring:  Scores are documented for both sections of the test.  Mares that successfully complete the test to the judges satisfaction are awarded their Select Mare label.

For more information on the BWP/NAD Mare Programs, please contact the
BWP/NAD StudbookCommittee (


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